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Forest Lake, Mandalay and Wantagh Elementary students celebrated the first 100 days of the 2019-2020 school year on Feb. 13 with English language arts, mathematics and art activities. As each student passed through their classroom doorways, they proudly displayed their t-shirts decorated with 100 items or by dressing up as 100 year-olds for this momentous occasion.

At Wantagh Elementary School, kindergarten teachers read an array of stories relating to the first 100 days of school. The students also participated in activities which included building structures with 100 unifix cubes and plastic cups. They also painted 100 gumballs into a picture of a gumball machine and worked their bodies while performing 100 repetitions of various exercises. They counted by one, fives and tens to reach the number 100 and placed 10 scoops of ice cream on a construction paper cone to demonstrate their understanding of the number 100.