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A dull thrumming resonated throughout the Mandalay gymnasium as students in grades K-5 were introduced to the newest physical education unit sensation called cardio drumming. Even though attempts at percussion were muted through the beating of rubber exercise balls with drumsticks, the concept was essentially the same, to drum to the beat of fast-based, popular music. 

Physical education teacher Robyn Pastuch introduced the unit to the school as part of the coordination, rhythm and dance unit. The cardio drums made of a plastic bucket stand, an exercise ball and wooden drumsticks were rented from Suffolk Zone, a chapter of the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.  

Ms. Pastuch explained that even though cardio drumming teaches coordination and rhythm, it also hones directional skills as the students follow directions to beat the drum in alternate locations, as well as to move in directions around the cardio drum.

“It’s also another fun way for students to become fit,” Ms. Pastuch said.