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Mandalay kindergarten students strengthened their addition skills through participation in winter math stations. Teacher Erin Joyce has been working with the students on adding numbers from one through 10 and explained that stations are an integral part of learning each day.

At the mitten match station, students matched a mitten with an unsolved addition problem with a mitten holding the correct sum. By tossing a beach ball with single digit numbers written on it, students completed addition problems with the help of counters. They also rolled dice and counted the corresponding number of marshmallows (mini eraser counters) to put on their hot cocoa mugs during the hot chocolate dry erase board station. Additionally, the class practiced their addition skills by logging onto the IXL game-based math website using Chromebook technology.    

“Students were given differentiated practice to strengthen a variety of math skills,” Ms. Joyce said. “They have gained so much knowledge with hands-on practice.”