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Forest Lake, Mandalay, and Wantagh elementary fifth-graders marked an important academic milestone as they attended individual moving-up ceremonies held in the high school auditorium. Each celebration was punctuated with photo montages and video presentations, as well as special musical performances that added to the sentimental occasions. 

Principals Anthony Ciuffo, Marie Pisicchio and Dr. Randee Bonagura congratulated the students on this momentous academic accomplishment and assured them that they are ready and prepared for the challenges they will meet in middle school. During her address to students, Ms. Pissichio noted that giving into our fears holds us back. She encouraged the students to get into the habit of moving forward and challenging their fears. “Fear is a big liar,” she said.  

Upon conclusion of the ceremonies, the graduates joined their peers and family members in the cafeteria for refreshments, at which time they thanked their teachers and said goodbye to classmates until the fall.


Photo captions:

Photo A: Mandalay Elementary School Principal Marie Pisicchio stands ready to hand each fifth-grade graduate their moving-up certificate on June 21.


Photo B: Wantagh Elementary School students gathered in the high school corridor prior to their moving-up ceremony on June 25. 


Photo C: Forest Lake Elementary School fifth-grade students were picture-perfect for their parents during Moving-Up Day, held in the high school auditorium on June 24.


Photos courtesy of the Wantagh School District