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Bright-colored post-it notes were scattered across classrooms at Mandalay Elementary School with positive messages and words of kindness in recognition of Positive Post-It Day. Some of the messages included were “Be who you want to be,” “Be you and only you,” and “Stay happy, be happy.”

The celebration of the Positive Post-It campaign, developed in 2014 by Canadian high school student Caitlin Haacke, is an effort to spread a ripple effect of kindness, thus changing the world. Mandalay adopted the campaign as part of the school’s Wellness Wednesdays initiative, a schoolwide health program which provides students and families with weekly tips, activities and information for leading healthier lifestyles.

As students entered their classrooms, their teachers handed them post-it notes on which to write a positive, inspirational or funny message. The post-it notes were placed on the door, so students could read the messages upon entering the classroom, and around the classroom for bursts of inspiration.