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Wantagh Middle School students’ hard work and determination was awarded by staff and administration during a virtual annual awards ceremony, which was originally to be held on May 12. 

The students were recognized for their achievements in subject areas, departments and clubs and for important traits including citizenship, leadership, courage, character and caring. 

In lieu of an in-house ceremony, administrators and faculty created a Flipgrid video in which each of the departments presented awards in video format. The students were named in the videos as award-recipients. Once all of the students had time to watch the video, award certificates and the full awards program were mailed to the students’ homes.

Principal Anthony Ciuffo said, “We hope that this virtual awards ceremony provides the same amount of excitement as the traditional awards ceremony typically brings.”  

The awards ceremony can be accessed by logging onto the following link:

The District congratulates the students who were recipients of the following awards:

DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution): Emma Burns (7th grade winner), James Tullo (8th grade winner), Kaitlin Dillon (7th grade runner-up) and Madeline Rose (8th grade runner-up)

Social Studies 7: Nicholas Borello and Ava Padula

Social Studies 8: Ryan Ferrara and Michael Michitsch

English 7: Gabriel Avitabile, Emma Burns, Skylar Mondelli and Catherine Russo

English 8: Olivia Belling, Amanda Combs, Michelle Smith and Madeline Rose


7th grade effort: Isabelle Byrne and Maya D’Auge

7th grade achievement: Edward Correa-Baez and Samantha Magri

8th grade effort: Stephen D’Amato, Sophia Pangretic and Mandy Krauss

8th grade achievement: Dominic DiMatteo, Hunter Fasano and Kyle Ivey

Achievement in Algebra I Honors: Catherine Ibrahim and Maylani Lee

Science 7: Evelyn Caputo, Skylar Mondelli and Isabella Sclafani

Science 8: Amanda Coppola and Ryan Ferrara

Earth Science: Stephen D’Amato, Catherine Ibrahim, Maylani Lee and Madeline Rose

Modern Food: Shane Adams, Luke Donofrio, Ramy Latif and Madeline Rose

National Geographic Bee: William Sigler (first place) and Madeline Rose (runner-up)


Orchestra 7: Alyssa Alexander, Elizabeth Kirchner, Ryan McGlade and Liam Rotzler

Orchestra 8: Dean Armstrong, Katrina Pastore, Madeline Rose and Madison Smith

Chorus 7: Sabrina Albano, Krista Dowling, Brianna Henriques and Tasso Kasimis

Chorus 8: Hunter Fasano, Madelyn Hartmann, Sean Hill-Hotz and Sierra Kenny

Band 7: Jamielynn Korotki, Skylar Mondelli, Aditya Pasricha and Matthew Riley

Band 8: Melissa Lento, Shane Russo, Jaclyn Silverman and Alec Spar

Library Science: Dean Armstrong, Sara Fioribello, Heather Sheridan and Madison Smith

Physical Education 7: Juliana Cerasi and Logan Rivera

Physical Education 8: Dean Armstrong and Katrina Pastore


Grade 7 - Alyssa Alexander, Mattea Conforti, Ava Padula and Isabella Sclafani

Grade 8 Olivia Belling, Heather Sheridan, Madison Smith and Nicoletta Zito

Digital Arts: Mario Innella, Maya Lembo, Patrick Lucey and Heather Sheridan

Printmaking: Bethany Boland, Grace Fulton, Meghan Libby and Arianna Minerva

World Language: Abigail Ardelean (French 7), Gabriel Avitabile (Italian 7), Lyla Ingrilli
(Spanish 7), Rielly Ross (French 8), Adrianna Oronges and Daniella Oronges (Italian 8) and Louis DeLuca (Spanish 8)                                           

The Justine Nieckarz Award: Shawn Bailey, Alison Beatty, Michael Colaianni Jr., Peter Conlin, Ella Doyle, Tessa Genovese, Gabriella Loverde, Anthony Marullo, Frank McNally, Michael Michitsch, Mia Monniello, Joseph Mugavero, Emma Nicholas, Matthew Russo, Madison Smith, and Riley Smith

LEAP (Leadership, Empathy, Accountability and Perseverance Award): Isabella Cicero, Jonathan Glasser, Lyla Ingrilli, Ryan McGlade, Taylor Naus, Aditya Pasricha, and Isabella Sandoval

Wantagh Middle School Citizenship Award: Evelyn Caputo, Michael Colaianni Jr., Sara Fioribello, Mandy Krauss, Thomas Lagomarsino, Andrew Montagano, Brendan O’Callaghan, Madeline Rose, Heather Sheridan and James Tullo    

Comptroller’s Award: Meghan Lee, Maylani Lee, Anthony Lerro and Madison Smith

Triple “C” Award: Jack Dankenbrink, Casey Kissinger, Michael Michitsch and Heather Sheridan

Principal’s Award: Mandy Krauss

B.E.S.T. (Most Hours of Service): Jacklynn LaMacchia, Margaret McLoughlin and Catherine Russo

Drama: Madelyn Hartmann, Madeline Rose and Michelle Smith

Entrepreneurship Club: Julia Cocchiola, Alexander Fasano, Maggie Massari and Matthew Silverman

Eco Warriors Club: Sadie Merting and Riley Smith

Home and Careers Club: Emine Sanal

Jazz Band: Ryan Ferrara, Emily Korotki, Emma Nicholas and Andrew Pascucci

Math Olympiads: Patrick Iskander and Thomas Leake

Science Olympiads: Stephen D’Amato and Madison Smith

Smoke Signals Excellence in Web Production/Journalism: Lorenzo Hilliard

Student Council: Dominic DiMatteo

Upstanders Club: Mandy Krauss and Nicholas Padgett

Video Club: Riley Wood

Wantagh Foundation Community Service Award: James Ambrosio

Yoga and Mindfulness Club: Sadie Merting and Riley Smith


WMS Awards 2020