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Wantagh Middle School’s daily virtual announcements have been given a celebrity flair. Principal Anthony Ciuffo explained that local and regional VIP’s have volunteered to assist with the announcements during the canceled April break, scheduled for April 9-17, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The daily announcements are typically broadcasted over the school intercom each morning, providing students with important dates, accolades, club schedules, birthday wishes and more. Since school closures, the announcements have been scripted and prerecorded and broadcast on Google Classroom, YouTube and social media in order to keep students connected to the school community and on track with what is happening at school. 

Mr. Ciuffo said he had an outpouring of celebrity volunteers who eagerly donated their time, including News12 reporter Erin Colton, New York Mets announcer and Howard Cosell’s grandson Colin Cosell, Broadway production “Frozen” cast member Ben Bogen, former music teacher and Sir Cadian Rhythm band member Matthew Carlin, TikTok persona Jake Miller, “Sopranos” actor Joe Gannascoli (Vito), Impractical Joker “Murr” and New Jersey Devils hockey team player Kyle Palmieri. 

Additionally, Wantagh Middle School hosted “Thank a Front Liner Week,” applauding members of the Wantagh community who have been generously working on the front lines, such as healthcare workers, first responders, members of the military and essential business operators. The photos of these individuals have been posted daily with the school’s morning announcements on its social media page with messages of thanks, letting them know that they are appreciated.