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Middle school students collectively raised $5,797 for the American Heart Association’s annual Hoops for Heart event in the gymnasium on Feb. 27 with Jacklynn LaMacchia and Olivia Scherer contributing $725 and $511, respectively, as top fundraisers. Since the inception of the event, the school has raised more than $200,000 in donations helping to make a difference in children’s lives through the American Heart Association, while students learned heart-healthy skills. 

  The February fundraiser coincided with a basketball fitness unit and a knockout basketball tournament. Riley Berardis and James Ackermann were the tournament winners. 

Other class winners include Sabrina Asadurian, Julia Avena, Jack Brady, Anthony Calise, Damien Crowley, Frankie Falco, Madeline Gigliobianco, Mackenzie Hayes, Oliver Iacobazzi, Logan Jaramillo, Sierra Kenny, Elle Lang, Lana Lee, Meghan Libby, Colin McCann, Jayden Mun, Jacqueline Mundy, Joseph Nicholson, Devin Paccione, Katrina Pastore, Alex Roumbos, Bella Sandoval, Gabriella Sylvester, Faith Stallone, Jaden Valdez and Nikko Zervos.