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The high school’s varsity wrestling team joined Valley Stream North High School wrestlers during participation in Wrestling Takes Down Drugs Day, held prior to a on Jan. 10 match at Wantagh High School. Sponsored by Friends of Long Island Wrestling, the Nassau Country Police Department and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, the goal of the Wrestling Takes Down Drugs campaign was to educate middle and high school students about the dangers of opioid abuse and ways to prevent addiction. The campaign focused on the sport of wrestling which builds self-esteem and promotes self-discipline in young athletes and supports local wrestling programs and drug counseling and recovery centers.

Prior to the match, Nassau County Police Department Commissioner Patrick Ryder and Friends of Long Island Wrestling executive board members Kevin Murphy and Nick Nanos spoke to the athletes about their commitment to staying clean and becoming ambassadors for the Wrestling Takes Down Drugs campaign.

“We need young people to stand up and commit to saying no to drugs,” Murphy told the athletes.

“There is a lot more to wrestling and to being an athlete. It’s a lifestyle,” Ryder said. “We want you to be our ambassadors in raising awareness of opioid addition and in the prevention of drug addiction.”