Welcome to Science!  
                                                                        Welcome To Science with Mrs.Morgan
    Contact Information: Email: Morgank@wantaghschools.org
    Grading Policy for 7 honors and 8th grade Science: 
    Labs/= 2 graded labs per quarter which will account for 20% of their grade
    Quizzes and tests= There will be 3-4 quizzes a quarter.  Quizzes will account for 20% of their grade. Tests= There will be approximately 2 unit tests each quarter and one cummulative exam at the end of each quarter that will count twice.  This will make up 50% of their grade.
    Student engagement- This will account for 10% of their grade.  This grade will be comprised of behavior,preparedness, participation, and homework.
    Extra help will be held Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday after school in room 423.  I will post on the board at the beginning of each class.
    Expectations ·Come to class prepared and ready to learn everyday ·Come to class on time ·Come to class with binder,and writing implement ·Have the previous nights homework out ready to be checked and to go over ·Copy the aim , do now and HW assignment on the board daily ·Answer the do now at the start of class ·Be respectful to your teacher and classmates by… 1.Raising your hand and waiting to be called on 2.Speak respectfully about/ to others and your teacher or Do Not speak at all! 3.Do Not speak while others or your teacher is speaking 4.Be respectful to the classroom supplies and materials 5.No Horseplay, Eating or Drinking in the lab at all times!!! ·If any of these classroom rules are broken there will be consequences such as a warning, phone call home, detention, disciplinary referral.  Please check the parent portal intermittently as it will be updated weekly.


    **Studying daily is a must!