• Motivating the Unmotivated…


    Here are some hints and hopefully helpful tips for you as a parent to encourage your child to be motivated:


    -           Be a positive role model – students tend to display behaviors they see and learn.

    -           Show them how persistent effort over time is worth the wait. Let them see you making choices that are challenging in order for something to happen in the long run. Use your own work experiences to demonstrate how satisfactions and frustrations can make the end goal worth the wait and effort.

    -           Have empathy and be there for your child. Sometimes all they need is someone to be there, listen and support them.

    -           Share that everyone is good at something. Find your child’s strength (whatever that may be) and encourage his or her to use that as a motivator. Keep your expectations positive and realistic!

    -           Communicate regularly with your child’s school (teachers, guidance counselor, principals, etc.) When they see you are interested in what they do, that may be motivation enough for them to be successful. Stay involved in their learning!

    -           Create a simple reward system (not an IPOD)! Remember, try not to criticize the unwanted behaviors but do reward the correct or positive ones. If they don’t get the attention from you for the negative behaviors, they may stop – as long as you are rewarding the good choices.

    -           Remind them that organization is the key to success. Everyone needs to feel on top of things in order to be successful.

    -           Give them the freedom to make their own decisions. Within reason. They still need lots of structure; however, they are at an age where they can decide some things on their own. You may find that giving a little bit, may motivate a lot!

    -           Be consistent! Parents should work together with their child to set realistic and consistent goals. Both parents need to be on the same page and regularly communicate.


    Once you find what motivates your child, be patient! None of these suggestions are overnight fixers. These things take time.

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