Tuesday           9/19   (Day 5)

    Monday           10/30 (Day 1)              K          Halloween

    Wednesday     11/22 (Day 4)              Gr. 1    Thanksgiving

    Friday              12/22 (Day 6)

    Monday           1/29   (Day 1)              Gr. 2    M.L. King Presentation

    Monday           2/26   (Day 4) 

    Wednesday     3/28   (Day 2)

    Friday              4/27   (Day 6)

    Wednesday     5/30   (Day 4)

    Monday           6/18   (Day 5)              Gr. 3 Recorder Recital



    Morning Program takes place at 9:30 am in the above dates.  During this time, the whole school meets in the gym for a brief special assembly in which we acknowledge special student accomplishments, view special grade level performances, celebrate student birthdays and award monthly class awards from some of our special area teachers.  Parents are always invited on the days that their child’s grade is performing.  During this time, we also introduce the book of the month for the coming month and briefly discuss the school-wide theme for that month.  We consider ourselves a family at Forest Lake and it is during this special time each month that we come together and celebrate the accomplishments of our family!